Contemporary Architecture Tour by Bike 

Discover new and modern buildings, breathe the fresh air, mix healthy lifestyle with learning process, this is all about contemporary architecture tour by bike. Today bikes are becoming extremely popular for these kinds of tours. Bikes are becoming increasingly popular for these types of tours. This, in turn, has an impact on tour operators. Tour companies should keep up with new changes and be designed according to the needs of cyclists. In this guide, we will discuss best practices for bike tours as well as the options that tour operators should consider.

In the modern world contemporary architecture is becoming increasingly tempting. One of the key components of contemporary architecture is their eco-friendliness. Modern buildings are more energy-efficient, low-consuming and have increased use of good daylight. Today more and more people are concerned about climate changes, so they welcome modern architecture and prefere organizing tours across them. 

Contemporary architecture is also attractive regarding its creative and unique design.  Modern buildings are pushing boundaries and becoming more and more attractive to tourists. 

Top countries developed contemporary architecture tours

Many countries around the world offer contemporary architecture tours.  It can be tough to see all the top sights. If you want to see more in less time, then biking tours are exactly what you need. Now let’s us look at the top countries that are famous for their developed contemporary architecture and tours:


Bicycle culture and modern architecture are inextricably linked with Copenhagen. It’s one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Copenhagen is also famous for its contemporary architecture. These elements combine to make Copenhagen an ideal destination for bike touring. The Black Diamond, a modern Danish library, Christiansborg Palace, the Danish Radio Concert Hall, and many other amazing destinations will make your biking tour in Copenhagen unforgettable.


Another great city to explore by bike is Spain. Capital of Spain – Madrid offers sightseeing on eBikes. Within a day you can enjoy cultural and historical highlights such as Prado National Museum, Plaza Mayor, Mercado San Miguel, etc. If you’re in Spain, you should definitely try the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum biking tour. It is one of the most well-known modern buildings worldwide.


The UK is one of the top cities famous for its contemporary architecture. In England, there are numerous biking tours. For example, you can ride your bike outside and explore the beauty of Cornwall. One of the good biking tour options in the UK is the Oxford bike tour. You can explore Oxford’s historical town and discover a lot of beautiful buildings nearby.


We couldn’t leave France, the world’s most famous cycling race, out of this list. France is bike-friendly both inside and outside of the city. There are numerous sightseeing spots in France to enjoy during a biking tour. The Loire Valley, which is home to many of France’s grandest castles, is one of the best places in France for a biking tour. When riding alongside the river, there are plenty of places to eat and drink in small towns and villages.

 Man riding around the city on a bicycle

Benefits of bicycle touring 

Cycling is beneficial both for the environment and society’s well-being. Here are some key advantages of bicycle touring: 


Bicycles are much more affordable than cars or other forms of transportation, consequently bicycle touring will save you money. No parking fees, lower insurance and operating cost. Those are all about the cost-effectiveness of bicycles.  

Muscle strengthening

Cycling is a tried and true way to build muscle. In this regard, cycling is especially appealing to women. Bicycle tours are a great way to stay fit, increase endurance, and even prevent breast cancer. Today there are numerous electric bikes for women on the market, and women can simply choose one based on their needs and desires.

Mental health 

Cycling improves mental health conditions. Cycling releases endorphins – ‘feel-good’ hormones, making you feel more relaxed and happier. Endorphins also help to fight a variety of illnesses, so cycling keeps us healthy and in good spirits. 


We can probably start with this benefit because people who are environmentally conscious prefer bikes to cars. Bikes produce no harmful emissions and pollute the environment.

Some changes for tour operating businesses to consider  

According to the Market analysis by Future Market Insights, the Bicycle Tourism market will reach US$ 1291.3 Mn by 2032. With that in mind, the upcoming decade is going to be challenging for the operating business market. They should push the boundaries to meet the demand for cycling tours.   

If you are planning to run a tour agency business and your city is well-known for its cycling tours, then you should include biking tours. But before running your business make sure you know what to start. If you want successfully setting up your business check this article to learn more about how to start a tour company

It’s best to start with a website where you can share tours-related photos, show the tour rate, and have a CTA button for booking the tour. Your business will benefit if you have an online booking system on your website. It can be simply done with WordPress themes design. Here you can learn about the best WordPress booking theme for your business. Also consider having WordPress booking plugins to allow your customers to schedule appointments when it is suitable for them. 

If you are going to offer biking tours, then you should include other services such as bike rent, eco-friendly accommodations etc. 

Key takeaways 

As you, with environmental consciousness, biking tours are constantly growing. 

We discussed the main benefits of bike tours and counted several directions each bike tour lover should visit. If the biking tour business is appealing for you, be aware of the market changing. To build a successful and strong business, begin with the steps outlined in this guide.