Lamborghini Lanzador: Visionary Rebel

Lamborghini recently unveiled its latest concept car, the Lanzador, a 2+2 seat “high ground clearance Ultra GT.” Lamborghini is synonymous with unique and absolutely recognizable design DNA, taking the iconic single-line silhouette and translating it into a visionary and forward-looking approach.

With the Lanzador Lamborghini looks into the future. The concept car describes new proportions and represents a new car segment: the Ultra GT, seen not only in the exterior but in the interior’s innovations, offering a new Lamborghini experience in terms of space and roominess. The design of the GT concept car is inspired by spaceships. Mitja Borkert, Head of Design Lamborghini, describes the start point of the design process from the volumes of a super sports car, but taking it onwards to create a true pilot’s driving position, inspired also by the Huracán Sterrato.

Lamborghini Lanzador Concept Car

The exterior design is brave and unexpected: the taut, clean lines are authentically Lamborghini and full of tension, inspired by legendary Lamborghini models including the Sesto Elemento, Murciélago and Countach LPI 800-4. The side view takes the single silhouette line of Lamborghini in combination with a unique architecture developed for the concept car, with the typical inclination of the cabin seen clearly from both front and rear. At the same time, the design of the car’s lower part is shaped by the smart aerodynamic approach, integrating state of the art movable, yet integrated, components, as found in Lamborghini super sports cars. With a roof height of around 1.5 metres, the electrified Grand Turismo sits powerfully low on the road, impressing with its incomparably low proportions created by the forward look of the cabin and the sharp lines featured throughout its dynamic body.

Lamborghini Lanzador Concept Car

The interior layout strictly follows the ‘feel like a pilot’ design philosophy of Lamborghini, combined with the spaceship idea: it takes the idea of a 2+2 GT but moves that a step forward, creating a 2+2 lifestyle concept where the rear space of the cabin can also be used for carrying all sorts of sports equipment or luggage.

A trunk is concealed under the short and steeply sloping front bonnet, while the large glass tailgate opens wide. Adjustable rear seats and a variable luggage compartment in the rear make the concept car adaptable to almost any everyday situation.

Lamborghini Lanzador Concept Car

The futuristic concept car’s detailing is sophisticated and reflecting its unique character: the slim headlights take inspiration from the Countach LPI 800-4, while the hexagonal-shaped taillights include the characterful light signature with three LED elements on each side. The typical stylistic elements such as the Y and the hexagon, which have characterized Lamborghini’s design from the very beginning, can be found throughout the car including the rear lights and in the interior.

Lamborghini Lanzador Concept Car

The interior’s pilot position is also defined by a slim and lightweight dashboard that uses iconic design elements such as the large Y-shape used for the center console bridge. With a high level of versatility for everyday use, combined with the performance and seat position of a super sports car, head of design Mitja Borkert created an unexpectedly-roomy interior using the design freedom given by the space of a fully-electric package.

Lamborghini Lanzador Concept Car

The pilot and co-pilot sit low within the cabin as if in a jet, separated by a centerconsole that visually flows into the dashboard. Positioned within the center console and ergonomically positioned perfectly within the driver’s reach, is a pilot’s unit for control of the entertainment system, climate control and new digital functions. Passengers receive information via the automatically retractable displays. Using the Lamborghini ANIMA control, the driver switches between the different driving modes, including Efficiency and Performance for the best possible driving dynamics.

The concept car is painted in a liquid color especially designed and developed for the Monterey Car Week presentation: a fresh and modern color named Azzurro Abissale.

Lamborghini Lanzador Concept Car

A high specific power electric motor on each axle ensures permanent all-electric drive in every condition, surface and driving style and a peak power of over one megawatt. The all-wheel drive also offers active e-torque vectoring on the rear axle for particularly dynamic cornering behavior, extremely finely tuned and adapted for every situation. The energy is provided by a new generation high-performance battery, which also ensures a long range.